I've been mind blogging all the while..just can't find a time to slot for this updating session..:p..This entry will bring back my memory on my latest pregnancy story..hihi..

A lil bit on 'The day I knew about it..'

I still remember on my reaction the moment I knew that I was pregnant, again!! I nearly broke down into tears..not that I was ungrateful on His gift..it is just that I'm not expected it could be so soon. Even the gynae scold me like I did a very big sin..ddespite thos feelings, sempat juga aku bersujud syukur dgn nikmat-Nya, in which at a later time I realized that the kiblat was wrong!!..ngehe..itu pun setelah di sapa JC..apekah?..:p

I tried not to tell anybody. Even my boss didn't notice until I'm 4 months pregnant.  Alhamdulillah the pregnancy went so smooth..No MCs were taken during my pregnancy!!..Yup..I don't really like to take MCs..huh..

A lil bit about my 4th delivery process. 

The day has come. Knowing that the baby has been growing like a champion in my womb, I prayed so hard that it will not reach 4 flat. 

On 17th, we went for check up at early morning. As expected, the gynae decided to check 'bukaan'. Haish..ngeris and ngilus masih terngiang di kepala hotakku..then she said it's already 2cm dilated, and bukaan dh lembut..anytime..that means no work for today...( aiyoo..claim blom submit..:p) me terjerit jerit gak la bile dia selok tuh..huhu..the gynae said, by doing that, it helps to fasten the delivery proces..she did not reccomended for any other procedures i.e induce etc..and kept on saying that she wants the delivery process to be as natural as it can be..ok..whatever la doc and I just can't let the baby membesar sebagai johan di dalam perutku..

Then, the process of booking the ward and what not started..The hubby that was supposed to go to office after check up done need to cancel his plan..nasib dia ikut check up..:-)..I got quite a big room ..but still it can't reduce the 'debaran' menanti kelahiran the 4th one..idup lagi ke aku nnti?..sian bebudak ni nnti xde mak..itule kerisauan yg melanda sebenanye..Huhu..

Once settled down at ward, hubby went back home to get my things..while waiting, I called mak and MIL just to inform that I've already warded..and asked them to pray for me..both maks tak senang perut when I told themabout me getting to deliver soon..nyesal plak bitau awal2..Not long after that, MIL called and inform that she was on the way..aiyoo..so fast action..and I was so touched lah..

But the contraction that was supposed to be in smaller gap and more pain suddenly dissappear..main2 tau..after Asar, MIL,BIL and my kids arrived at ward..meriah le ward tu kejap..until after maghrib I can feel the real  contraction started to be constant..I went for maghrib prayer before it starts to be regular and pain..then, I took Quran to recite surah Yassin(coincidently, it was Friday nite) but can't finish it since the pain was so unbearable..I asked hubby to call the nurse. The bidan then check ( again ) the bukaan and it was 3-4 dilated.
Then, she decided to push me to the labor room. On the way ( I was on the wheel chair) the water break..byk nye rase air ketuban tu keluar..then, the bidan asked whether I want an epidural or not..I decided not to take lah..takut if ade side effect ke hape..but I do request for the pqin killer in which I don't think it helps much pon..

Then the process begin..contraction getting more and more pain (sessi mencubit husben sekuat hati took place..sorry dear, can't help it to cubit you..believe me the cubitan was nothing compared to the pain i had to bear okeh..).When it was already    6cm, the urge to push came..rase cam nak teberak gitu..mmg tokleh hold dah..after 2nd push..the baby came out and I didn't expect it will be that easy (eceh..dh lepas boleh la ckp senang kan?)..The moment I heard him crying..all the pain I went thru gone just like that..it's a magic feeling..Seriously...:-)..Alhamdulillah..I said it again and again..I put him on my chest and nearly to cry..oh dear, no regret for having you in my womb for 9 months..:-)..hoping that you will be healthy always..:)

A lil bit on 'Tips while in the labor room'..

1) As a Muslim
     - bykkan selawat
     - baca doa nabi Yunus

2) While contraction
- don't make a lot of movement but in my experience i just can't help it..according to the bidan, lepas besalin kang baru rase sakit segala badan and memang pon!
- if ur hubby ada menemani di tepi katil, cubit lah dia utk share the pain..(tis is just my theory..xyh ikut kalu xmo..:p)

3) While meneran
     - lekapkan dagu kt dada
     - don't make so much noise. Tutup mulut..
     - jgn angkat b*nt*t..takut tekoyak byk..

That's all i can remember..hope itt helps those of u yg nk deliver soon or not so soon..:p

1.This entry is posted via BlogBooster App on my iPad. The app is actually design for an iPhone and I found it too small if it is to be run on iPad. Hope the iPad version will be out soon (ohh..actually the app didn't really works lah..now i'm using safari..:p)

2. I'm supposed to sleep by now but my eyes disagree..and the baby too..

3. Tomorrow will be my 35th week check up.. How time flies and didn't realize dat I'm gonna be a mom of 4 soon. I hope and pray to Allah that everything will be fine.. Please pray for me and my bff Ourul too..:-)

4. I have no heart to work now and hoping dat the 3 months maternity leave will be applied to management level soon. Now only Nube & Abom..sigh..:-(

5. I'm torn between blackberry and iphone and none of the mentioned items..you are open to give me some opinion..:-)

6. Now I'm hungry and need to find something to eat before I sleep. I don't feel so much of guilty for eating at this hour coz I know it's the bb that hungry.. Not the mummy..;-)

Good nite lovely people.. Muahssss...:-)
Dah lama rasenya x letak gambar kt blog ni..Okeh this entry will have less words but more picture..:-)

Cik Syafi in Action..she likes reading books (harap smp besar!!) and stay up smp kol 10.30pm..time ok, bolehlah ku layan..tapi kalu asik dok menangis, kusumbat je masuk buai..huhu..

My kids..Clockwise..~Syafi nak naik basikal dgn ayah..dia mmg suka mengambil angin di luar~Hmm..I don't know what is Abg Long thinking when he put the big botoi at his mouth..still a baby?..haish dia mmg manja telebih dari adik2 dia~Daughter of mine~Iman mmg suke buli ayah dia soh urut kaki..tak pepasal org tgk tibi dia pi hulur kaki dia soh urut..ntah perangai sape dia ikut!!..:p~

The Legend International Water Homes,PD ~ Ohh..ini gambar sudah agak basi..we went there on the way back home from kampung on the Hari Raya holiday..A bit of drama before we reach here. Initial plan was cancelled and I was so pissed off at him..Sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit..hehe..but, everything seems to be so fine once menjejakkan kaki di sini..sgt cantik and mendamaikan..yg bestnya, each bilik ada private swimming pool..Iman telah menerjunkan dirinya di kolam 4 kaki itu dan terkapai-kapai nasib lah pakciknya come to a rescue..lepas tu, langsung dh tanak mandi over kt kolam..berani main kt tepi je..hampeh..will come again next time..byk lagi tmpt dia x explore..x sempat.. 

Adik Mat Ayam kawen ~ peristiwa ini baru je berlaku last Saturday. Dah 3 orang adik Mat Ayam kawen..and he is still a pengapit yang setia..sian asik kene usik dgn makciks & pakciks..As usual, dia hanya mampu tersengih saje..before balik, we told him that hopefully his turn will be next year and boleh la buat reunion skali..btw, dia kirim salam kt kengkawan yg masih igt kat dia..;-)

At a Glance - Rumah kami yg masih belum siap sepenuhnya..langsir pon blum tempah..oopss, we have no langsir but totally blinds..ini seme idea JC..rupa opis agaknya rumah kami tu nanti...:p
Rumah kami dah nak siap renovate..tinggal touch up sket2..insyaAllah, bulan 12 kami dok la rumah baru tuh..byk mende yg nak buat tapi terpakse ku pendam saje buat masa sekarang..buat yg penting dulu..haih, nak deko rumah pon takde skill..dan minat pon kureng..kesian lah lakiku dapat bini yg xde skill menghias rumah..penat dah ku belek2 buku2 yg di beli and website2 yg bekenaan..

Nak pilih langsir pon satu hal..the other half prefered to put blinds at most of the tingkaps..and me as usual, menurut saje since me don't have any ideas on the langsir mahupun blind itu..and I don't really like scallop and apelah2 yg over decorate the langsir..Then, I tried to call this person who offered a free quotation on the blinds & curtains.. while they took measurement and calculating the cost, I asked JC - tekelah bape agaknye diorg ni quote. And he guess it just around 3k++..in which I don't think so.and guess how much? it's around 7k++..in which it is so out of budget. In fact, kami lupa nak masukkan bajet langsir nih dlm belanjawan utk rumah  ni..huhu..musnah harapan..Nilai 3 je lah jawap nye ye..ngehehe..

Itu baru cerita langsir..nih ada lagi senarai harapan yg masih terbuku di hati ini, in which the other half not really in favor to have it..at the moment..

Wish list:-

1) New TV Plasma or LCD..32 inch pon jadik lah..tapi lakiku nk soh guna je tv  skang yg dibeli before kawen lagi..huhuhu..nih kalu dia xnak jugak, aku pi je senheng sensorang swipe for 0% interest 12 mth instolmen..:p

2) Laminate floor at living hall..i so minat laminate flooring. tapi nih kene put at 2nd phase (yg xtau ntah bile)..

3) New Sofa yg tgh sale kt lorenzo tuh..leather seat lah..lagi best kalu yg siap ada decliner tuh..

4) New Meja Makan- ni x bape penting sbb meja makan yg ada kt umah tu masih elok dan buleh di pakai..tgk lah kot2 tetiba terbeli plak meja boleh laras kt IKEA tu kang..

and the list goes on..

Aku hanya manusia biasa..tak pernah puas dengan apa yang ada..Namun, aku sangat bersyukur dgn segala rezeki dan nikmat hidup yang Engkau limpahkan..

Dan semoga aku sentiasa menjadi hambaMu yg bersyukurr..:)..Amin ya rabbal Alaminn..

Err.ada sesapa nk sponsor wish list di atas nun..?..

I went to Tabung Haji yesterday purposely to deposit all my kids Duit Raya collection. Takut kalau hold lama2, terguna dan terhabis pulak.Their duit raya collection taklah selebat mana, biasa2 je tapi alhamdulillah ada la jugak. This year mmg kami tak beraya sakan. Lebih kurang macam tahun lepas jugak..Open hse pon satu rumah jek kami pegi.Itupon jiran selang beberapa rumah. Tetamu pon takde yg dtg..mmg takde buat open hse. Tetamu wajip setiap tahun pulak tgh dalam pantang..kuih raya seme mkn sendiri. dah habis pon cuma tinggal kuih sepit je..Hehe..teruk kan?..Camna lah nak pi beraya, 2 weekend of raya kt kampung. another 2weekends pegi HOMEDEC beli barang untuk rumah baru..huhu..bizi lah konon..:p

Oh, berbalik cerita pasal Tabung Haji tu kan. Punyalah ramai umat kat situ. Another 20 person to go before my turn. But, their service was so fast. All 7 counters (kot) are open and waiting time didn't seem to be so long. Sambil tu, I did bring mine and hubby's TH Book for update. We did the auto debit on our salary for TH saving. Hubby's just started but mine already 2 years. Punyalah susah nak soh the other half buat auto deduct ni. Almost everyday I need to remind him abt it. Biasalah malas nk isik borang and jumpe HR..Menarik juga hasil dari force saving ni. Tetiba tgk duit ada byk(takde la byk mana, tapi for me byk la tuh..), walau pada hakikatnya hutang credit card bekepuk-kepuk..hiks.

TAPI..harap tidak lah
Bila dah nampak duit agak byk kt situ kan, maka mulalah rasa gatal nak keluarkan. Furthermore, we really need a big cash for the new hse. Haish..sobar..as at now, the money still there. For the new hse, nasib lah ada duit refinance rumah lelong hari tu plus bonus lakiku. And utk barang2 yg bole di 'swipe' guna CC, mmg selamat lah..Guna CC pun kena ada cara. Imagine kalau dh swipe 2-3k, takkanlah nak bayar selepuk gitu b4 the due date came. Nak biar hutang tu lama2 lagilah jgn sebab the interest is so high tak terjangkau. What I did - I applied for 0% balance transfer offered by Public Bank. To calculate, 3000/6 = 500/mth lah. Compared to 3k, baik aku bayo 500 kan. without any extra charges. At least, boleh la adjust lagi sikit2 on monthly expenses and blaa..blaa..blaa..

Kalaulah monthly force saving tu tak di usik, dlm 3-4 tahun, boleh lah aku pi haji..wah..dgn syarat, kos pi haji tak le naik 50% every year!!..We did registered for Haji last 2 years and our turn will be on 2021..punyalah jauh kan. Tapi takpe..Nak pegi sekarang pon mmg tak dapek lah..Anak2 kecik lagi..sian depa..

One of the reason I put the money in TH ialah:-
Adakah pendeposit TH  wajib membayar zakat simpanan atas wang simpanannya di TH ?
  • Wang simpanan pendeposit-pendeposit TH disatukan dalam Kumpulan Simpanan Pendeposit-pendeposit dan dijadikan sebagai modal perniagaan. Modal perniagaan ini dilabur oleh TH dalam bidang-bidang perniagaan seperti pelaburan harta tanah, bangunan, perladangan, perusahaan dan bidang-bidang lain yang halal mengikut lunas-lunas Islam. Kumpulan Wang simpanan Pendeposit ini hanya digunakan oleh TH untuk tujuan perniagaan.

  • TH membayar zakat perniagaan bagi pihak pendeposit dan dengan demikian pendeposit tidak perlu lagi membayar zakat simpanan ke atas wang simpanannya di TH.
Aku pening bila orang dok argue psl ASB. And I'm nobody to komen. Still got some money in ASB + the Cert. Biarlah ia di situ..

Suzilawati M.A a.k.a GJie

My everdearest husband dunia akhirat (insyaAllah..Aminn..) texted me during my 1-day-Teambuilding-Course yesterday:-

Hubby : Nak apple iPad x?
Me    : Mahal kan? Bape rm?

The conversation stops there. 

I was thinking - did I ever mentiontioned that I need an iPad? I don't think so..I just mentioned that I want an iPhone - but not desperately want to own it - still considering. Ye lah, a lot of money need to be spent on more important things, other than melayan nafsu dgn gajet2 ni kan..

When he reached home, he handed over to me a box of iPad. Aik..? so easy to get meh?..Then, he told me that the iPad was personally given by his friend as a 'kuih raya gift' in which he was not keen to accept it but a friend of him insist (agaknye dia pon dpt free kot..hmm). Ok lah tu. But, dear Mr. friend, can you pls next time kasik iPhone pulak. No need iPhone4. iPhone 3G should be enough for me..ohh, if possible, pls bundle it with monthly installment of unlimited broadband as well..:p..:)
Anyone using it at the moment? Best ke? Boleh share ur experience? I'm too lazy to browse the net and google abt it. By the way, the iPad still in the box. Zalim tak kalau aku jual and beli iPhone hasil dari jualan itu..?..hehe..:p
Sudah 2 minggu pembantu rumahku bercuti. Harap dia cukup gembira dan bersedia utk pulang bila tiba masanya. Kalau tak nak balik pon, silalah beritahu awal supaya kami disni tidaklah menggelabah untuk memikirkan alternatif lain. Harap dia tidaklah terpengaruh dgn kempen 'Ganyang Malaysia'.

At the moment, the husband is taking charge of the kids at home. My turn is over. Nasiblah suamiku boleh di harap. So far, alhamdulillah kids are still in one piece..:)

Semenjak ketiadaan maid, selama itulah juga baju2 bertimbun tak berlipat. Susah gila nak carik baju sensorang. Sudahnya, aku sort je baju mengikut kepunyaan masing-masing dan longgokkan di atas katil. At least, senang lah sikit nak cari..hehe..Tunggulah bila kekuatan mental tiba utk melipat.. Nasiblah stok baju yg dah gosok cukup utk sampai cuti raya. kalau tidak, satu hal jugak tu nak menggosok baju..:p

I'm not into cooking mood this Ramadhan season. No appetite to eat when I cooked. Everyday must go to PARAM. Ada lah 2-3 hari yg tak pergi. A must buy items - Nasi Ayam + Roti Boom for Muhriz. And I can't believe it that he can fast. So far, dapat lah 10 hari puasa penuh. I didn't expected that he can puasa even sehari pon. At early ramadhan, I keep on calling his teacher just to check on him whether he still puasa? And to my surprise he did it. Well done, son. Rupa-rupanya, his kindy had promised something to whoever can puasa at school. They will be given a badge 'I love fasting' and also will be invited for Iftar this coming Friday. Patutlah..and I should be thankful to the school also for giving such an encouragement to the kids. And last week, Muhriz kata dia nak kejar Lailatul Qadar..tapi takde pulak dia suruh kejut tgh mlm utk bertahajjud..haih, solat 5 waktu pon buat kt school je..takpelah..but I still kagum when he mentioned about lalatul Qadar. Ramadhan tahun ini yg tercorot buat diriku..huhu..terawih pon ntah bape hari je dpt buat...:(..ya Allah, berilah kekuatan fizikal & mental utkku beribadat kpdMu....Aminn...:'(..